Cooking spotlight: Sous vide

The Eliot & Vine kitchen is alive, busy and ready for supper.

The mouthwatering aromas are wafting in my direction. For the last hour I’ve been dreaming of food after watching the fantastic Eliot & Vine kitchen team prepare ingredients for tonight’s menu.

Since I’m in the mood for lamb, let me shed a little light on how every bite of Eliot & Vine’s lamb tastes so juicy and tender:

The secret is sous vide.

Sous vide is french for vacuum packed. Cooking sous vide involves sealing a piece of food, such as lamb, in a plastic bag alongside all of its intended flavour-giving ingredients. The special heat-safe bag is then submerged in controlled temperature hot water, where it cooks.

The melt-in-your-mouth result is an evenly cooked piece of meat (or vegetable) that you wouldn’t get by cooking it on the grill or skillet. Not to mention, it keeps the kitchen clutter down and frees up precious stove space!

Bon appetit!

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