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Chef Madill and the team have been hard at work in the kitchen and are excited to announce
PASTA TAKEOVER WEEK at Eliot & Vine from August 14-19 2018.

“Pasta dough is much more complex and temperamental than people think it is. Making fresh pasta is an art form much of that of making sushi; everyone can attempt it, but very few can execute it perfectly.” says Chef Madill.

“It was when I made my first cacio e pepe, or aglio e olio – simple three/four ingredient pastas, that I really understood the simple yet complex nature of pasta. In perfect execution there lies something amazing and delicious.”

Here’s a preview of some of our upcoming dishes:

Lamb Cannelloni: 48hr braised lamb shank, sea bay bechamel, rosemary, persillade, fried broccoli, smoked almonds

Cacio e Pepe di tartufo: egg yolk tonnarelli, telicherry peppercorn, pecorino romano, Italian parsley, white truffle oil

Chicken Trenette: brined & roasted Eden Valley chicken, grilled peaches and cream corn, local spinach, sundried tomato, basil & pinenut cream, grana Padano

Gnocchi: Nova Scotia chanterelles, grilled roasted mangalitsa pork shoulder, fried sage, guanciale, parmigiano reggiano

“Please join myself and the team at Eliot & Vine for a week of pasta. We’ll celebrate our love for pasta in all its forms: the creamy, the new school, and the traditional. Try them all and see where your heart lies!” – Chef Brenan Madill.