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There is a special feeling when you sit down in the frolic room. The benches, tables and chairs contribute to its cozy atmosphere, but what makes it truly unique is the mural-clad walls.

There is something special about Jean Bradbury’s work and its whimsical nature-inspired details. Metallic leaf is something that she uses often in her art (which you can check out here). In order to get the silver leaf for the Eliot & Vine mural, we had it flown out from New York. We find that the silver metallic is incredibly unique and really catches the warm light from our Edison bulbs. Combined with the rich colours, those murals create a perfect escape… Our own little utopia.

Two more fun-facts about the creation of our murals:

  1. Jean loves painting from real life. Having a real plant in front of her is her preferred way to capture its likeness.
  2. For the Eliot & Vine mural, Jean caught herself going back to the style of painting she used to practice while in University. She jokes that maybe it was a psychological throwback to the beginning of her friendship with Johanna.