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How we keep the noise down so you can enjoy your dinner & drinks without any interruptions!

“I can’t hear you.”

How many times have you had to ask your dining partner to speak a little louder while you’re enjoying a nice meal out?

Restaurants these days are louder than ever before — whether it’s due to music blaring through speakers, other guests who are having an animated conversations, or an open-concept dining room with high ceilings and walls that bounce sound around.

According to research, some bars and pubs reach over the 80 decibel mark during peak service. That’s louder than an alarm clock, a blender, or your average factory.

But at Eliot & Vine, we want you to not only enjoy the amazing plates our Chef is cooking up, but also to be able to discuss them with your date!

That’s why when designing the restaurant, Eliot & Vine did our best to include elements that keep ambient sound to a minimum.

The first thing we did was install cut-out acoustic panels in the ceiling. These sections absorb noise instead of bouncing it back at you.

Sound-absorbing cut out panels line the ceiling of Eliot & Vine.

We also keep our speakers at a designated volume and like to play music that fits in well in the background.

Those speakers are hidden inconspicuously behind our unique wooden wine shelves, which also help absorb sound.

At E&V, the speakers are hidden among the wine shelves, instead of blaring loudly over your table.

In addition to the main dining room, our semi-private Frolic Room (which seats about 16 people) is designed with acoustics in mind. The custom murals on the wall not only act as eye-catching artwork, but also help keep things quiet.

In the Frolic Room, custom murals painted by Jean Bradbury work double duty, pleasing to both the eye and the ear.

These are just a few of the ways we try to keep sound to a minimum. It facilitates conversation between guests, and helps those who may be hard-of-hearing or overwhelmed by a constant bombardment of their senses.

Of course, if you’re looking for an even quieter experience, it’s best to show up during off-hours, rather than during peak dinner service around 7:00 p.m.

You can always let your server know if you’re having trouble hearing, we’re happy to turn the music down even more or find you a cozy, quiet table in the corner!